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    View all Themes

    You must choose the option "View all Themes" to see the complete theme list available in the folder:

    RapidWeaver 5 folder (RWmultitool for RW5):
    /library/application support/rapidweaver
    in RapidWeaver 6 folder (RWmultitool for RW6):
    /Users/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Themes/


    By default RWmultitool (for RapidWraver 6) can edit RW6 themes only.

    You can enable RWmultitool to edit Rapidweaver5 themes through the "OPTION / SWITCH TO RW5 THEMES”
    In the RapidWeaver 6 add-ons folder you can find all your third party themes ( or a duplicate of RW original themes).
    You can’t edit both versions (RW5: Theme.rwtheme or RW6: Theme.rapidweavertheme) simultaneously.


    Make sure to use the same theme in RWmultitool ad RapidWeaver.

    In RapidWeaver choose the theme and  the header image (you want to edit in RWmt).
    Open RWmt and choose the same theme and the same image ( manually).
    Now you can edit the image in RWmt; when you push the  SAVE IN THE THEME button, RapidWeaver show you the modified image.

    Upgrade to latest version

    After installing RWmt we strongly suggest to do a "repair permissions" with Disk Utility. Any stability problem ( due to permission into the library \ appsupport folder ) is solved using the Repair Permissions. Apple recommends you do that regularly, or before any major OS upgrade ( ie: from OSX 10.9 Mavericks to 10.10 Yosemite ). If the problem persist ERASE RWmt and all RWmultitool preferences files.


    RWmultitool registration:

    Open "RW multitool" / Register and paste your code ( make sure to avoid spaces).
    Then, click over REGISTER button.
    Upgrade License: You must provide also the old serial number.
    Open F.A.Q

    What is this software for?

    RWmultitool has been designed to edit the images of RapidWeaver® graphic themes. With this tool you can modify theme graphics or add new images easily and without any specific knowledge of graphic design.

    The app does not add anything to your project, but allow the theme modification.
    This app does not work with RapidWeaver but with its themes. RW updates the preview of the project only when a theme is changed. Thanks to this feature of RapidWeaver the external App RWmultitool syncs with it.
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    • Where I may install RWmultitool?

    Open the DMG file, Dran and Drop the application into your Application folder.

    • Can I upgrade RWmultitool Lite to the full version??

    No, the lite version is another App. Download the Full version (orange icon) in the Hope page and register the App with your license.

    The programme does not accept my serial number

    Ensure that the serial number you received has been typed in (copy/paste) correctly.

    • RWmultitool quit unexpectedly

    The solution is simple: repair permissions with DiskUtility, done that the application will start without problems.
    RWmt handles images of the themes in "system" folder (library and so on) and sometimes these folders are locked and available only for the "maker" app (ie: RapidWeaver)


    • Why is the Control Panel on the left-hand side of the image?

    This is the best position to see the preview of a theme when using RapidWeaver, even with small monitors: no parts of the RapidWeaver interface gets covered up and so it is easy to work in preview mode.

    • Why does the Toolbar disappear when I change application?

    Our interface is optimized to save maximum space on the ‘finder’. This is especially useful when working with small monitors. RWmulitool bar disappears, leaving on the screen the active image only. It appears again when you click again on the image. This saves space for other applications running on the ‘finder’ (useful for developers).


    • Do I have to launch RapidWeaver to use RWmultitool?

    No. RWmultitool can manage the images of a theme independently, without any manual interventions by the user. The backup of the source image and image reset runs on the background. For this reason, RWmultitool is not a Plug-in but, rather, an independent application since, if you start from the themes, it runs independently from RW.

    • Why when I launch RWmultitool I don't see any theme in the theme list of RWmultitool?

    Probably there are no editable themes in RapidWeaver folder. Please, make a copy of a Default RW Theme or install a Third Parts Theme.

    RWmultitool opens only the Themes placed in the folder named:
    /library/application support/rapidweaver in RapidWeaver 5 (RWmultitool for RW5)
    /Users/youraccount/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Themes/ in RapidWeaver 6 (RWmultitool for RW6)

    If you want to edit a RW Theme you must first make a copy of it inside RW (Theme Drawer) or place a downloaded third parts theme in that folder.
    Note: If you cant see any theme installed in the theme menu, enable "view all themes" check.

    RapidWraver 6: By default RWmultitool can edit RW6 themes only.


    You can enable RWmultitool to edit Rapidweaver5 themes through the "OPTION / SWITCH TO RW5 THEMES”
    In the RapidWeaver 6 add-ons folder you can find all your external themes ( RW5: Theme.rwtheme + RW6: Theme.rapidweavertheme). You can’t edit both versions simultaneously.


    • Can I save a project edited with RWmultitool?

    At present, you can save your project on disk as a flat image with the original graphic format of the theme image. You cannot save your project with the images used, but you can save as many images for later use.

    • How many images can I add to a theme image edited with RWmultitool?

    You can add a virtually unlimited number of images. It all depends on the Mac operating-system power and, most of all, on the Ram and video-card memory available.

    • Why doesn't RapidWeaver update a theme I have just modified?

    Pasted Graphic
    Sometimes when you work with RW the link with the elements of the theme gets lost. To see your changes, you need to update the preview: go to the edit modality and then again to preview. The link will be restored when you change theme (preview mode), and select your theme again (preview mode).

    Use with earlier versions of the Mac OS:

    • Why some Multitool controls, e.g. colour, do not work with earlier versions of the Mac OS?

    RWmultitool use the Image Core technology with specific video card and Ram requirements. If your Mac OS is an early version or does not meet these specific requirements, RWmultitool automatically gives access to limited resources only to ensure that the programme runs smoothly.

    • What is the maximum size of images to be used with RWmultitool?

    The resolution of the image should not be greater than 1024x1024 pixels to ensure that also colour/contrast editing controls (buffer size/ram limit) operate properly. This limit allows the software to run properly also with early versions of the mac OS or with small Ram memories. Larger images can still be used without using the controls to change image colour.

    • I've used the FIT function on a layer but one or both sides dont fit completely the base image, why?

    This option fit height and width of a new image / layer to the current theme image; fitting changes scale values so if the fit is capped to in the scale range minimum 10% and Max 300, not over this scale factor.

    Images and Themes:

    • The image edited with Multitool does not appear in full within the theme/appear In full screen mode view

    Some themes have a variable length. In these cases, the image length corresponds to the maximum length of the theme.
    Depending on the image length you choose, you may only see part of the image, with a left-to-right or central orientation.
    Try all header options of your theme with RWmultitool.

    • Can I change text colour with RWmultitool?

    RWmutitool can only edit images. It cannot edit texts or other CSS/HTML features.

    • Can I edit themes included in RapidWeaver?

    Since RWmultitool opens all the themes in folder Library/ApplicationSupport/Rapidweaver and RapidWeaver themes are part of the programme, first they should be copied to the RWmultitool theme folder.
    Note: The name you give to a theme in the horizontal list will be lost once the RapidWeaver source theme has been copied. The name of this copied theme remains the same as the original. Be Careful!!

    • After editing my "predisposed/modified" theme I moved the image to folder "editable_images". Why can't I see this folder In RapidWeaver?

    You need to update the relevant CSS file containing the updated path of the image: yourTheme/content/images/editable_images/
    Note: Remember to clearly name the file to find the image easily once you are working with RWmultitool ( for example: Header_red.jpg or footer_long.png).

    Image Manager:

    • Can I simultaneously edit more than one image with RWmultitool?

    No. With this version you can only edit one image at a time.

    • With the option "View all themes" some images do not appear on the screen.

    All the selected images appear on the screen, but some of them are so small that are almost invisible. These are normally theme images used as mosaic elements and are not useful/cannot be used as proper images. The option view all third party themes gives access to all images, regardless of their size. This option allows full access to all existing themes, not only to ‘predisposed’ ones. Then, the suitable images need to be searched browsing all the images.

    • With the option "View all themes" I can see more images with the same name

    If within a theme there are more folders with images with the same name, the list will show folder and file names. To find your image more quickly, read both folder and file name in the list.

    • Why do the images I add appear on the centre-left-right-up-down side of the Tool active image?

    It all depends on the Left top/center/bottom, center top/bottom and Right top/center/bottom options, which are activated when you add the images. These options affect the position of the added images and can be used to re-position the image after it has been added to a theme.
    You may also disable the snap.

    • After adding many levels, I cannot edit an image below others.

    Choose the image from the project image list. Use the arrows to move/rotate/scale the image without using the mouse. You can make all the other changes directly from the RWmultitool panel.
    Arrows = move; arrow up/down + alt= scale; arrow left/right + alt= rotate.

    • Alert message: "Warning: some functions will be compromised because they arent natively supported by your card.  In some cases the functions are emulated thru software, in this case the tool works fine but it's slower applying some specific effect". What does It mean?

    This message isn't critical, RWmt worws with Core Image , for this reason the performance are variable for any macs.
    Try the tool but, as we suggested, some functions will be compromise because they arent natively supported by your card.
    In some cases the functions are emulated thru software, in this case the tool works fine but it's slower applying some specific effect .

    • Alert message : "The Theme folder is empty, please install at least one thirdy party theme (by double-clicking on it) or duplicate an original RW theme". What does It mean?

    This message inform you that no theme was found in your "RapidWeaver folder” the current installed version of RapidWeaver do not contains or copy themes in this folder,
    to use RWmultitool you need to install some thirdy party theme or extract the default themes from RapidWeaver and copy them into this folder

    • Alert message: "Image will be flattenes, continue?". What does It mean?

    The software tells you that by changing theme or theme image, you will not edit the levels of the active project. You will only add other objects.

    • Alert message: "Any change and layers will be lost, are you sure to continue?". What does It mean?

    The software tells you that If you have modifyied the background and/or added images without saving, any modification will be lost.

    • Why doesn't RWmultitool save the image in the theme or on the disk of the active project?

    If the image cannot be saved, this means that its format is not compatible with RWmultitool (Tiff, Tga, non-transparent PNG and Jpg).
    For example Gif images do not work with this programme. To edit the image, first convert the image into a compatible format (remember to update the relevant CSS in the theme).
    Other uncommon problems regarding specific compatible formats depend on advanced information added to an image such as a colour profile. You can solve the problem saving again the image, overwriting the original one, with "Save for Web" in Photoshop.

    Editing Images:

    • Can I edit the original theme image?

    The editable copy is available as a clone over the current theme image, If you want to modify your background image than you need to select it with your mouse. then you will have one new clone just thanks to “duplicate” key. From now on the background image will be part of your project.
    In RWmt LITE the original image is editable by default, you will find the editabile version over the background

    • Can I edit PNG with transparent background?

    RWmultitool can edit this format (rarely used) if the backgroung is fully transparent and has no shadow. In any case, this is a specific case and is not included in the standard export formats with non-transparent PNG.

    • Apart from RWmultitool, do I also need Photoshop to edit my images?

    No. RWmultitool is the only tool/software you need to edit your theme images.

    • Changing colour to an image affects only part of it:

    The image size is more than 1024 x 1024 pixels.
    The management of options to change image colours requires a lot of resources to your Mac. To ensure full compatibility with earlier versions of the Mac OS, there is a limit in image size when you use these options. This size allows you to use images to create and modify web-sites and to edit RapidWeaver themes. This size limit is required only if you need to change image colours.

    • After rotation of rectangular images, I can observe aliasing.

    Image rotation may cause aliasing (it may depend on image inclination too) because the pixel grid in the RWmultitool has a low resolution of 72dpi.
    Transparent-cut images do not cause aliasing since there is a native anti-aliasing in the "Alpha channel" of the file.

    • Can I add texts?

    Adding and editing text is supported by the Text-panel.

    • If I create a coloured layer (using the drop tool from the site,) the colour I save is a bit different from "CSS". Why?

    It depends on the colour profile of the screen and on the format of the image file used. In order to obtain a better result it is possible to use the arrow keys on the right of the Colours tool bar to increase or decrease the saturation level or other features. In any case, both CSS colour and the colour of RGB images are handled in a different way by browsers. That is why you should compare your work on various browsers.

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