RWmultitool Full Version

Smart and flexible Image editor / external image editor
for RapidWeaver themes

This tool will let you place any image inside your theme, with no expertise required. Just drag your picture in RWmultitool and you're done.

Multithemes idea: We have a wide experience in RapidWeaver theme production. Our idea is to extend the control of graphics to the customer. Your creative process starts from Multithemes but doesn’t stop there: now you can freely add your personal touch!


RWmultitool works as a RapidWeaver plug-in, inside the main application. When you edit a theme in RWmultitool, RapidWeaver® will automatically refresh it.


Upgrade from RWmultitool version 1

RWmultitool 2 is a paid upgrade from RWmultitool1.
If you've bought the RWmt1 you can test the RWmt2 separately.
Read the FAQ for further informations.


Upgrade to latest version

After installing RWmt we strongly suggest to do a "repair permissions" with Disk Utility. Any stability problem (due to permission into the library \ app-support folder) is solved using the Repair Permissions. Apple recommends you do that regularly, or before any major OS upgrade .


System requirements: OSX 10.7/8/9/10 - Intel Mac and at least1GB of RAM
RapidWeaver Themes version 5 and 6 installed.
Intel Application, based on Mac OSX 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10 CoreImage. Software architecture based on CoreImageTechnology.
Mac equipped with GeForce or Radeon models (256MB VRAM and full support of the new Core Image recommended)
CoreImage support. These functions are simply disabled if the card lacks of this requirement. Some limitations may incur with older machines or new low-end machines with Intel graphic card using shared memory

Key Features

• Layer browsing a coloured frame helps to better identiy the layer currently selected;
• Crop: is possible to crop any layer, beyond his bounds;
• Guides: Snap-to-object guides provides pinpoint alignment of the layers. This function is available with hotkey, cursor arrows or just thru a checkbok;
• Text: is possible to insert any text you want: selectable font, size, color and typeface.
• And more, once the text is "flattened" to a layer all the features (eg.: core image filters, rotation and so on) are available for this layer;
• Core Image Filters: a gallery of filters to apply onto any layer (more will be added in future);
• Custom Alpha Masking: the software provide a lot of masks, with proper dynamic gradient, to apply over any layer;
• The dynamic masking apply a transparent linear gradient over the image, its possible to rotate, scale, fit-to-layer, and modify the gradient in real time.
Aside nice effects (like a star-shaped mask) we provide some border-related masks for rectangular images, to personalize the frame of the layer;


The modular design helps the grouping of similar functions, and will help us to implement future groups of functions easily..
• Text: text handling functions
• Filters: Core Image filters for the layers, every filter is customizable and you may add more filters on a single images.
• Extras: a collection of various features like the frame, shadow, reflection and live video (from iSight or other video sources);
• Colors: standard color operations, hue, brightness, fill, and so on
• Alpha: a gallery of masks with gradient, including rotation, scale, fit to layer. Some are a simple gradients/shapes and some are mask/frames for photos.



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